Welcome to Children’s Ministry at Our Redeemer! We look forward to sharing God’s Word with your child.


Our Redeemer offers Sunday School serving Preschool–5th grade on a Workshop Rotation Model.

The Workshop Rotation Sunday School Model began in 1990 at the Presbyterian Church of Barrington in Chicago in an effort to reinvent Sunday School. This reinvention was intended to address problems including bored kids and teachers, declining attendance, lack of Bible literacy, drab Classrooms, expensive curriculum that was only half used and trouble recruiting teachers.

Workshop Rotation Model
• Teach Bible Stories through kid-friendly media: art, drama, science, games, storytelling, etc.
• Teachers volunteer for short-term commitment (2 or 3 Sundays per rotation at Our Redeemer)
• Teachers teach the same workshop each Sunday: if they choose art, they teach only art to the different age groups, who rotate into their classroom each week.
• Curriculum is available online for free. Volunteers write the curriculum.

Why this works
• Teachers are well-prepared, only focusing on one lesson, teaching it 2 or 3 Sundays
• Classrooms were transformed from beige and boring to colorful and exciting.
• Kids learn by repetition and interaction with focus on one story for 2 or 3 weeks and hands-on activities

Our Redeemer Children’s Ministries is led by a dedicated volunteer team including:
• Carmen Snaza
• Holly Forsberg
• Kari Keating
• Cheri Kilbride
Other standing events include:
• Cookie Shop fundraiser
• Christmas Program
• Pajama Party service project in February
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Vacation Bible School (Evenings 1 week in August)



Check out Our Redeemer’s Children’s Christmas Program here: